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Aaron so macho crita ni... Aku heran lah awat ada yang kata cerita ni takdak motif ? Ini cerita yg mengisahkan realiti kehidupan. Hat mana nilai2 baik mcm nilai persahabatan tu kita amik lah, hat tak baik tu amik sbgai pngajaran. ✌✌✌. Kampung drift 2016. Kampung drift jouer. Oky lg impak maksima movie dan KL drift. NIE KL wangan langsung x paham citer dia. Kampung drift full movie. Kampung drift trailer. Ok, this is my opinion. This movie is not that good of a movie but it is also not bad. Why do i say this? Because this movie shows too much negativity that can lead people to either follow them or reflect on them. I think it's the viewer's own responsibility on the way they accept the moral of the story. Ok let's say that if there's a movie that shows too much positivity and shows all-good-mannered stuff much, the viewers won't learn the true colour of life and what's really happening out there as all they know and watch are all clichés much. So what i think is that the director tried to remind us through showing us what's really happening out there. If that's the way the director use to show the moral values, than it's okay for me because i respect his decision and his own way. That is all i guess. No hate and let us reflect together instead of watch the movie like an idiot and follow the bad things shown.

Kampung drift the movie. Kampung drifting. Kampung driftwood. Kampung drift full movie watch online. Kete apa wey. Could be better it lack something. Kampung drifters. Kampung drift imdb. 10:24 hahahaha bila nak meletup fender,sport rim sume hilang😂.

5:29 fuhh supra. This is funny but a disgrace to Paul walker and the fast and the fouruis. Cnp dr group lain. Jangan bg anak2 bwh umur tengok cerita PEKAK Tindakan Brunei Haramkan Filem Pekak Ini Memang Tepat! by OMM about 20 hours ago 78.9k Views tindakan-brunei-haramkan-filem-pekak-ini-memang-tepat Menurut Syarifah Amani, “Rugi dan kasihanilah Brunei kerana mengharamkan Pekak”. Selepas menonton saya kira 2/3 filem tersebut, saya setuju, malah saya salute tindakan Brunei dan saya kecewa mengapa Malaysia tidak bertindak sedemikian. Saya mula tidak.

Kampung drift song. Rudy GTB n Geng. bravo. Tengok last2 ade syazwan yunos. YouTube. Kampung drift. Kampung drift pelakon. Aku sorang je ke yg prasan semua filem syamsul ade part 1 gn part 2. Kampung drift (2016. Lagu tema kampung drift. La ney baru hamPA taw sapa jokie Alor setar. Kampung drift full movie 2016.

Kampung drifter. Kenapa la ade cerita mcm ni. I feel like fu* ing this black cop with baby oil full on his arms. Kampung drift movie.

Is this film supposed to be The Funny and the Furious. Cerita ini bst kita boleh iktibar apa yng jadi dlm cerita ini. 23:20 music. Syoknye cite ni. Teringin jugak nk jadi pelakon macam farid kamil dalam bab2 citer cmni... harap2 dh besar nnti dpt lah rezeki berlakon. hahaha. Kampung. 9:31 lagu amper.

Kampung drift jouer la vidéo. 54:07 lagu plsz. Emang enak. Macam terbaik. Why YouTube doesnt take this down. Kampung drift full movie download. Kampung drift review. Kampung drift wiki. THIS is yet another local movie about car drifting in the likes of Evolusi KL Drift but this one comes with a sci-fi twist. Kampung boy Johan (Syafie Naswip) has been dreaming of becoming a drift racer but his father Acai (Pekin Ibrahim) forbids him. To the young man’s disbelief and disappointment, he finds out that his father was once a drift racer. Up to this point, the plot sounds rather conventional and you can imagine how the scenes would go. We learn about Johan’s interest in drifting which is thwarted by his father, limiting him to only practise on trike bikes (three-wheeled motorcycles). Johan has a best friend, Bojeng (Jazli Hassan), who stands by him in times of need. Their friendship is heartwarming. Acai, on the other hand, is a single father who has raised Johan single-handedly. He seems to be traumatised by his past, making him seem like a grumpy man. There is tension between the father and son, but the humour element that is scattered everywhere throughout the film, balances out the drama. However, director Nevin Hiong didn’t want to play it safe. He wanted his directorial debut to have a little something extra. A life-changing tragedy occurs, forcing Johan to “travel back in time” to make things right. That bit is definitely far-fetched. The cheap and simple way the scenes are executed don’t help at all. Let’s face it. Kampung Drift isn’t some Hollywood movie where the technology used is advanced enough to make us at least believe that time-travelling is possible. The local filming technology has indeed progressed but since the rest of the film doesn’t appear futuristic, the time-travelling element seems out of place. Johan (right) wants desperately to become a drift racer but his father Acai forbids him from it Thankfully, the film does introduce the scientific element from the beginning, which makes it easier to digest. Bojeng has a scientist uncle, Pak Idun (Chen Sin Foo), who comes up with a variety of (ridiculous and seemingly pointless) experiments, for which Bojeng usually is the guinea pig. These scenes are mostly intertwined with humour, which probably hopes to distract viewers from their ridiculousness. Thanks to these crazy elements, Kampung Drift is more comedy than drama. The actors try too hard to impress and the jokes work only half the time. Still, the story is nicely crafted and the plot moves gradually, making every turn of events easy to take in. The best actors in the bunch are of course Syafie and Pekin, who are more experienced than the rest. Syafie plays out the character of a passionate young man and a filial son convincingly, while Pekin gives a subtle touch to Acai, who acts like he doesn’t care much about Johan but in reality, his son is all he has. Sadly, the other cast members could have done better. The antagonist in this story is Ray (Pablo Amirul), a drift racer Johan meets in Kuala Lumpur. To show who’s the boss, the former challenges Johan to a race even though the latter isn’t at all prepared. Johan also finds himself being over protective of his ex-girlfriend Julia (Fatin Afeefa), whom Ray has his eyes on. So the animosity between Johan and Ray intensifies as they fight for Julia’s heart, and the title of the best drift racer. Jazli, Chen and Puovin Sandera (who plays Johan’s supportive uncle Ajoi), aren’t as natural as they should, but Hiong makes do with what he has. Meanwhile, the director may lack skills in storytelling, but his cinematography is commendable, having been a top director of photography for many movies. Feast your eyes on the scenery of the countryside and several winding roads where drift racers sharpen their skills. The drift scenes are plenty but they’re nothing we haven’t seen before. Kampung Drift may not be in the league of The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift or Initial D, but it’s a good effort by Hiong. It arguably has flaws, but he makes up for them by injecting a lot of heart into the story. In an interview, Hiong said he is not perturbed if Kampung Drift does not rake in the moolah at the box office. He just wants to proudly present his work to viewers and entertain them. He was ambitious enough to take on this journey, and that itself is a major start. NOW SHOWING: KAMPUNG DRIFT DIRECTED BY Nevin Hiong STARRING Syafie Naswip, Pekin Ibrahim, Pablo Amirul, Jazli Hassan, Fatin Afeefa DURATION 98 minutes RATING P13.

Ok lah drift dari pada lumba kan. KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Eight Malaysian films are now available on popular video-on-demand service Amazon Prime for members in the United States and the United Kingdom. The popular and award-winning titles on Amazon Prime are Mukhsin, J Revolusi (Jrevolution), Kampung Drift, Songlap, KIL, Chow Kit Balada Pencinta (A Lover's Ballad) and Anak Jantan (The Son). In a statement announcing the release of the titles on Amazon Prime, Primeworks Distribution Sdn Bhd general manager Lyn Nasihin said it was a recognition for Malaysian storytelling. "Our nation is home to so many great talents who have produced compelling dramas and films with global appeal. We are extremely proud and excited to see them get the international attention they deserve. "This is only the beginning of our relationship with Amazon Prime and we will see more Malaysian content on the platform, " she said. Amazon Prime, with 100 million users worldwide, is a paid subscription service offered by US tech giant Amazon that gives users access to services including delivery, streaming music, and video, among others. The release of these titles on Amazon Prime underscores Primeworks’ commitment to bringing the best of Malaysian content to international audiences by expanding the global distribution of these titles on popular digital platforms such as Amazon Prime. The partnership was discussed and concluded at the International Market of Communications Programmes (MIPCOM), the world’s largest entertainment content market held annually in Cannes, where Primeworks attended under the umbrella of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas). Primeworks also expressed its gratitude to the Communications and Multimedia Ministry and Finas for the invaluable guidance and support in the undertaking. - Bernama.

Kampung drift sheila. Pergggg old but gold, sweet dohhh wkwwk, memang masi gempak ehh. YouTube Kampung drift. Crite ni bkn xde realiti yg brlaku dlm masyarakat kita... d sbbkn ssetngah masyarakat yg brgelar mat rmpit yg xde rsa tnggungjwab pda org mat moto d anggap pndang rndah klu blum prnah rasa jiwa prmotoran yg sbenar. Kampung drift cast.

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