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11 hotels where you can ethically play with animals - Matador Network.
Play with elephants in Thailand — Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant. baby alpaca who makes daily visits to the courtyard for apple snacks.
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Golden Triangle Tours in India.
India is an irresistible country for travellers from all walks of life. From the incredible food to the ancient ruins to the unique and vibrant culture.





Chase is Superman, Rocky is Green Lantern, Rubble is The Mole, Marshall is Human Torch, Suma is Aquaman. Shaves forehead That hairline tho. Omg he looks like S cottie Pippin (second officer. He thought they asked for a one night stand😂. Keep it up sir! Anyways that Lakorn drama who is not my interest, how come that this one picked my attention. I can make it through the rain. Tagal tapusin halos 30hrs. every episodes 1hr&47mins depende pero range yan ng time. PERO SUPER SUPER SULIT. Nice movie siya hehe Nadadala k talaga. .everytime na umiiyak si jeenewart at P'thit hehe so kilig much.

The best lakorn ever I've watched. . Thanks For Oktober 4 - November 12. PLS.

Sana naman ipalabas din ung mga thai bl series like love by chance😂. requested yan!😝

Best story, best action movie For action movies Lovers... @ 2:14 “No disrespect man” *insinuates disrespect a minute later. PAWSOME Reply to me whenever. G he was a great way to. Nice Bhaiya log.





Ruskiy kak mazivayitsa etot kino. I already saw it, so I dont need to watch it again on Nick. Very girly movie. Stilted Chinese talk. Bad image.






[Table] IAmA: I just climbed Mt. Everest (really. Saw the Sherpa fight. AMA. The show must NOT go on. Part 1 of 3. "The World Between Worlds" Its basis in C.S. Lewis's "The Magician's Nephew" its implications for Kylo / Ben and Rey, and what it means for the ST. [USA] H] Large list of games, several hard to find [NES thru VITA] big update 1/30. W] Mega Man V (GB, at least boxed) Mega Man (GG, at least boxed) Mega Man 8 (Saturn) x-post from r/gameswap. [Star Wars] On the new, massive revelation in the "Rebels" episode 'A World Between Worlds' and how it involves Kylo, Rey, Luke, and Snoke in the sequel trilogy.

What to expect from episode VIII - Overview of the six movies that inspired TLJ, according to Rian.