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Judge cast Kasumi Arimura



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Howcome Cap is taking care of Stark's daughter.


Tony died so steves taking care of this genius😂

I'm really confused. Why does Captain America have a niece? What timeline is this. Captain America: Battle For Custody. Nobody likes a smartass He wanted me before I was smart.



It really is. I saw on Reddit, this girl was being fined, gave the judge the middle finger and got her fine doubled. I just heard a story where this dude was going to jail for three days, said something like, that is fucking bullshit! and the judge increased his sentence. Scenes from this were filmed where I live so I have some sort of moral obligation to see this.

Jung­ge­blie­be­ne, jung Ge­blie­be­ne. Reminds me of famicom detective club. WE NEED A SIMILARILLON MOVIE. Sorry if I spelled that wrong. Any other planeswalkers with me. IV Judge. R.I.P Legend. You will be missed. Dredd The Sequel The Dark Judges A Movie 4 Hours Long With Both Main Actors. Pick Choice Of Villains In The Four. I'm in. Adjektiv - veraltet.

By the time you see this i'll be dead. It's the first time i see this. And he died today...


Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking.




Why is Tony Stark pretending to be a lawyer

I saw this film at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and seeing that everyone thinks it's just about paper planes is somewhere between disappointing and hilarious. It's like little kids, when asked what a film is about and they give the whole plot. The film is about independence, overcoming hardship, determination crossing into adolescence and depression. The paper planes are just a vehicle to carry the story from point a to b (pardon the pun. It's also a refreshing break from the mountains of superhero movies, science movies, book adaptions and historical movies that we've been bombarded with from Hollywood in the last few years. I smell oscar alert.

Go for that academy award, Jonah. Hes gonna be a great father someday ❤️. Anyone else notice at 0:18 that his phone is cracked? Lol. Best line of this movie was “Yes my first thought is that hes a black man. But what matters is my second thought. And the thoughts after that” Maaaay Be paraphrasing a bit cause I saw this movie like, 5 years ago but still. Nobody likes a smartass. KILLED ME. You betrayed the LAW. LAWWWWWWWWWWW. Just watched this movie. Amazing performance by Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer and Falcon. I might sound crazy but i actually felt loss deep inside during judge's funeral and heart breaks watching downey standing near judge's empty chair. Wow, not just a movie you can learn a hell lot of things from it if you want, otherwise go watch Justin bieber doing random shit.

0:37 it's that woman from the office, the CEO for sabre. The fact that RDJ hasn't won an Academy Award and Jennifer Lawrence has is irritating. Robert's the man! Jennifer is annoying. Song at 1:22. Cannot wait to see this. Is it weird that I still see her as Dr. Montgomery? 😁. This game thinks its anime.


The first song is Hills to Climb by Tim Myers. It's also in the film 'When the Game Stands Tall. Such an awsome show! Being that I watched the whole season. in a few hours. MY SUMMER HAS BEEN SPECTACULAR. IF you removed Rob Schneider all together AND prevented Stallone from removing his helmet, I believe public opinion of this film would be considerably better. I'll be the judge of that. Sunset scene was amazing, one of my favorites ever. Am I the only one that wants to see this B/C of Blair Waldorf, not Iron Man. D.