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My Mother Died Last night live. My mother died just over a year ago, from breast cancer, on my birthday. Five nights ago, Feb 22, she came to me in a dream - was one of those half-dream states where you're tired but not quite fully asleep. She gave me some good advice and also gave me the warmest hug I can remember. I miss her so much! Thank you for sharing this poem - it gave me a very-needed cry.

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My Mother Died Last Night 2018 English Movie. My mother died last night 2017. What does this kind of dream ? What does it mean if you dream, if you've seen, met my mother, who is dead, and that was a lot of evil in a dream, maybe in the hospital ? Last night I dreamed that my mother was talking to me and smiling at me, laughed with me, but then she cried, beginning to cry again and died. Why is that ? What is the meaning. DOCS: Diana - The Night She Died.